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Raining on Your Fshion Parade
You are all dressed an ready to go to your reunion, family gathering or any other party. You look in the mirror and you are glowing. you love your outfit, the shoes were a perfect match and all your hairs seam to be working with you today, even though it is rain day. You know once you open that door all your hairs will go frizz and array, your perfect shoes will get weathered and your cloths will get that pucker moist look to them.  
Well I have some answers for you.
First, you must invest a good rain coat with a hood, it must hit below your knees. Second, never wear your shoes out in the rain always pack them in your purse (don't bring an extra bag just a bag large enough to be your purse and hold your shoes, you don't want to look like a wet bag lady or man)  wear rain boots and slip into the wash room right upon arrival to do a switch.  never were nylon or any other synthetic fabric in the rain it does not recover from being hit by moisture until you dry clean it next.  I recommend in the rain only wearing natural fiber cloths, like cotton, but try not to wear silk, although it will dry fast if rain hits silk it will leave a water mark until dry cleaned next. do not wear wool or cashmere, if they get wet they smell like wet dog.  
The best option is light weight cotton in a print not solid or printed silk chiffon. solid fabrics tend to show water damage more.  the best option is to cover your self as much as possible, a big umbrella a great rain coat and rain boots. good luck and stay dry.