Beauty Tips for Springtime Makeover

Susie Perez,

We women always want to look fresh and glowy. A nice gentle exfoliator and a moisturizer with a hint of tint and SPF will always make your face appear hydrated. If you get an unexpected pimple before the love day, don’t worry a little tooth paste applied before bedtime will take care of that within a day or two, an old house remedy that always worked for me. For that sensitive skin Mario Badescu "drying lotion" is recommended. Preferably during the day there are four essential products that you should always carry in your make-up bag; concealer, mascara, bronzer or cream blush and lip gloss. Depending on skin tone you could always go for any pinks or peaches to highlight your cheeks, fair skin always looks nice with a little pink but for the Latin and darker tones peachy blushes tend to give the perfect amount of color.

For that everlasting shimmer and gloss my absolute favorite is the Victorias Secret lip glosses, they not only last long but taste good too. Have a late night meeting or dinner date after work? Freshen up your eyes with some shimmer and liner applied with shadow for a softer look and darkening the outer edges of the eyes to make them look more alert, sexy and seductive. The key really is to just let your natural beauty show, keeping your face looking healthy and rejuvenated will make you look and feel younger. Less is more.

 Hair that is short and fun gives it some volume, pump it up with a root lifter and give it some spunk. You could also add a restructurizing paste to give it some edge. Shoulder length to long hair: there’s nothing like some nice soft waves which could be accomplished with a curling iron or for those of you who are afraid to get burnt, put on some hot rollers the big barreled ones. You could pop them in first thing in the morning while you’re getting ready for work or for a nice evening out. Once they get cold remove and run fingers through the hair gently, never brush add some hair spray and you have beautiful sexy bouncy hair. 

Always remember in order to have healthy looking hair with that natural shine you must get regular haircuts at least every 8-10 weeks and keep it hydrated with treatments every 6 weeks, you could also use a leave in conditioner when blow drying hair to keep it moisturized. This applies more to dry hair. Those with fine limp hair you could condition once a week to add shine and use a root lifter for volume, so you could have thicker looking hair.